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Core Facility Management Course

Core Facility Management Course

24th-28th of June,

Reichenau Island, Germany

The course is organised by the German BioImaging network successor; GerBI-GMB, the Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis. The concept of core facilities, central hubs for demanding technical and analytics services, is rapidly changing how science is carried out at many research institutions. Core facility managers, often academically trained scientists, find themselves in a variety of different roles that demand a broad set of skills they traditionally haven’t been taught in their career. Managing budgets, structuring the facility to work most productively, recruiting the right people, negotiating with partners, clients and vendors, dealing with hierarchy and addressing role conflicts are some of the challenges core facility managers typically face. GerB-GMB in collaboration with hfp consulting, a group specialised in supporting scientists to improve their leadership and management skills, have developed an intense, interactive and highly specialised workshop that addresses these challenges.

For details please see the course webpage