• Core: are any type of core facility, research infrastructure or shared resource lab.
  • Technologies: are any kind of instrumentation, methodology and resources that support scientific research.
  • Life Sciences: are any field of expertise related to biology and biomedicine (see What is a Core Facility)

  • Network with like-minded colleagues
  • Share and exchange knowledge and experience
  • Promote joint benchmarking and best practices
  • Develop their careers
  • Discuss emerging methods or technologies
  • Provide peer counseling services to members of the community
  • Contribute to data reproducibility and standardisation in life sciences

About Us

Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is a non-profit association that brings together scientists, technical and administrative staff working in or in close association with shared resource laboratories, such as core facilities, technological platforms and research infrastructures.


By joining CTLS, you help our community to be more effective in its advocacy and outreach aimed at increasing the awareness of CF funders and policy makers about the importance of CFs in modern life sciences.

What are Core Technologies?

Core Technologies provide shared access to specialized expertise, instrumentation, and knowledge. They ensure more efficient resource utilization, as well as specialist instruction, support, and management. Core Technologies take many forms ranging from individual pieces of shared research equipment to large international infrastructures.

Main Photo Credit: Newcastle University, Dave Bell (someseedifferent.com)