About Us (old)

Who we are?

Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is a non-profit association that brings together scientists, technical and administrative staff working at or in close association with shared resource laboratories, such as core facilities (CFs), technological platforms and research infrastructures. CTLS provides a platform to network, discuss emerging methods or technologies, exchange information on benchmarks and best practices, and to support career development of its members at all stages of their working life, from young trainees to senior personnel.


Our Mission

To promote and advocate the added value of open shared resource laboratories as platforms for efficient and productive high-tech scientific research;

to educate the public and European policy makers about the importance of such centers of expertise in modern life sciences;

to shape the future European ecosystem of infrastructures and facilities in a bottom-up open and transparent manner.

Our Actions

  • Organizing  trainings, meetings and biennial congresses
  • Informing members about external events and training opportunities
  • Promoting career tracks in CFs and ensuring that CF staff are valued and evaluated appropriately
  • Establishing guidelines for benchmarking and best practices in CFs
  • Facilitating collaborations between CFs and suppliers of software, reagents and instruments
  • Establishing standards for CF management and certification
  • Reaching out to European and national policy makers and funders to educate them about the advantages and merits of CFs
  • Educating the general public on the important role of CFs in basic and biomedical research

CTLS Strategic Plan 2020 2025