Partnership and Funding (new)

Funding Working Group

Our aims 

Our aims are firstly to make connections with potential corporate stakeholders and partners, academic institutions, and other associations, and secondly to spearhead potential fundraising opportunities for CTLS.

We serve as the main point of contact with external stakeholders, working together with other CTLS bodies and working groups to develop procedures for topics such as association sponsorship, applications for external funding, and connections between CTLS and academic institutions, corporate partners, and other scientific associations. 

Current activities 

  1. Identification and coordination of joint activities and initiatives with organizations and associations such as CoreForLife, EU-Life, Alliance4Life, and ABRF
  2. Identification and establishing relations with corporate and academic partners
  3. Identification and coordination of response to external funding opportunities

Our members


Kateřina Hošková
Czech Republic


Josh Rappoport

Name and country of all other team members

Luisa Cortes, Portugal

Emanuele Palescandolo, Saudi Arabia

Patrick England, France

Jaime Cheah, USA

Vanessa Carlos, Germany

Susanne Witt, Germany

Peter O’Toole, UK

Lola Martinez, Spain

Spencer Shorte, Korea

Geert Van Minnebruggen, Belgium

Lavanya Premvardhan, France

Contact email: