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Our aims 

Our aim is to collect and coordinate information on training and career development that are of use to core facility personnel.

We organize, seek out and publicize courses and training opportunities that could benefit core facility staff and management.

We also establish a networking space for more individualized training such as mentorship, cross facility job shadowing and staff exchanges.

Moreover, we aim to determine requirements for a CTLS qualification in core facility management and promote a universal career path for facility staff.


To request CTLS endorsement for your event, please click here.  For more information, please send us an email at – add as block to side

Current activities 

Thanks to all the survey participants, the results of the CTLS Training WG survey are now available on Journal of Biomolecular Techniques, 2021. The paper is entitled ‘An International survey of Training Needs and Career Paths of Core Facility Staff’. Click here to download.

Our on-going activities are carried out by the Focus Groups. The aim and participants of each group are listed below:

Focus group 1: Shadowing and Staff Exchange 

Define criteria for selection (applicant and host), and open the programme as soon as  mobility between countries is allowed.


Ian Brewis (UK)


  • Marion Berard (France)
  • Luisa Cortes (Portugal)
  • Derek Davies (UK)
  • Rashi Halder (Luxemburg)
  • Natalie Homer (UK)

Focus group 2: Mentorship 

Development of a mentorship programme including leveraging existing initiatives and collaborating with other associations (i.e. ABRF)


Josh Rappoport (USA)


  • Ian Brewis (UK)
  • Luisa Cortes (Portugal)
  • Natalie Homer (UK)

Focus group 3: User training 

Benchmarking activities, sharing of best practice for users training and other ideas aimed at improving users training strategies


Derek Davies


  • Marion Berard (France)
  • Rafael Camacho (Sweden)
  • Rashi Halder (Luxemburg)
  • Erell Ledeun (France)
  • Jacopo Zasso (Italy)
  • Haijiang Zhang (Sweden)

Focus group 4: RITrain Plus 

CTLS is a partner of the Horizon 2020 RITrain Plus project that aims at designing a training programme to fulfil the competency requirements for the current and future managers of European Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities. The Focus Group will contribute to the following tasks of the project:

–        Competency profile definition and identification of training needs

–        Development of staff and knowledge exchange with a short-term mobility programme

–        Development of a community of practice to structure opportunities of knowledge and best practice sharing


  • Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez (Sweden)
  • Valentina Adami (Italy)
  • Luisa Cortes (Portugal)
  • Natalie Homer (UK)

Contact email:

Our working group members:


Valentina Adami, Italy


Luisa Cortes, Portugal

Name and country of all other members

  • Marion Berard, France
  • Ian Brewis, UK
  • Rafael Camacho, Sweden
  • Derek Davies, UK
  • Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez, Sweden 
  • Rashi Halder, Luxemburg
  • Natalie Homer, UK
  • Erell Ledeun, France 
  • Josh Rappoport, USA 
  • Jacopo Zasso, Italy  
  • Haijiang Zhang, Sweden