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Working Groups

CTLS relies on four working groups: Communications, Membership, Networking & Outreach, and Training. The intention of the Working Groups is to provide continuous strategic and operational leadership working towards the critical goals underlying the activities of the CTLS association. The Working Groups regularly advise the Executive Council and Board of Directors, and take the responsibility of realizing specific aspects of the vision for expansion and operation of CTLS in particular outward facing activities liaising with potential members, research and academic institutions, governmental bodies, and other scientific associations.

In general terms, each Working Group convenes several teleconferences per year reporting minutes to the association, and provide regular updates during Executive Council meeting, annual general meetings and at the CTLS bi-annual congress.

All CTLS members are strongly encouraged to volunteer to join at least one Working Group. If you are interested in becoming involved, please check out the different Working Group web pages and get in touch with the Chair of the Working Group(s) by email.

The activities of the Working Groups are based upon the needs of CTLS members, so tell us what CTLS can do for you and what can you do for CTLS!