Funding and Corporate Relations WG

Funding Working Group


The aim of the Funding and Corporate Engagement Working Group is (1) to make connections with potential corporate stakeholders and partners, and (2) play a leadership role with potential funding opportunities for CTLS.  The working group participates in activities such as grant writing, and managing connections with potential association sponsors.  The working group has strong ties to the Outreach and Networking Working Group, and is always interested in recruiting dynamic new members.

Chair: Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez – Gothenburg, Sweden

Vice-Chair: Josh Rappoport – Boston, USA


  • Peter O’Toole – York, UK 
  • Spencer Shorte – Seongnam, S Korea
  • Patrick England – Paris, France
  • Nuno Moreno – Lisbon, Portugal
  • Luisa Cortes – Coimbra, Portugal
  • Lola Martinez – Madrid, Spain