Networking and Outreach

The aim of the Networking and Outreach Working Group is to promote broader cooperation with other alliances and organizations that support the community of researchers and core facility scientists within the EU and beyond. Our mission is to leverage the strength of common approaches toward national and transnational funding organizations and political institutions to influence policy-making, and the overall profile of core facilities across Europe and the rest of the world. Additionally, these efforts will lead to greater sharing of best practice and knowledge transfer in the areas of core facility operations, management, and sustainability.


Kateřina (Vágnerová) Hošková
Brno, the Czech Republic


Josh Rappoport
Boston, USA


  • Patrick England, Paris, France
  • Jaime Cheah, Cambridge, USA
  • Geert van Minnebruggen, Ghent, Belgium
  • Vanessa Carlos, Tubingen, Germany
  • Lavanya Premhardvan, France
  • Christophe Joubert, France
  • Emanuele Palescandolo, Saudi Arabia
  • Bart Ghesquiere, Leuven, Belgium
  • Susanne Witt, Hamburg, Germany

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