Training Working Group (old)


The mission of the training working group is to compile and coordinate information on training opportunities that are of use to core facility scientists. We organize, seek out and publicize courses and programs that could benefit core facility staff and management. We also establish a networking space for more individualized training such as mini-sabbaticals and cross facility staff exchanges. Ultimately, we establish requirements for a CTLS qualification in core facility management and promote a career path for facility staff.

To request CTLS endorsement for your event, please use the form below:


For more information please send us an email at

Chair: Valentina Adami, Trento, Italy

Co-Chair: Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez, Sweden


  • Marc Bickle (Germany)
  • Natalie Homer (UK)
  • Josh Rappoport (USA)
  • Derek Davies (UK)
  • Ian Brewis (UK)
  • Rashi Halder (LU)
  • Jane Gray (UK)
  • Marion Berard (France)
  • Erell Ledeun (France)
  • Rafael Camacho (Sweden)
  • Haijiang Zhang (Sweden)