We are happy to confirm that the 2023 CTLS Shadowing and Staff Exchange Programme dates have been extended. Expressions of Interest are now invited from 18th May 2023 until 31st July 2023

This Programme will provide successful Applicants with a CTLS Award to fund a visit to a different core facility with priority given to mobility between countries. Applicants must be CTLS Members but Hosts do not need to be CTLS Members. 

This programme has 2 options:- 

  1. Shadowing involves an individual visiting a core facility and spending time with another individual or team, learning new management skills and developing professional networks. 
  2. Staff Exchange is similar to Shadowing but entails a two-way process with two individuals visiting each other’s core facilities. 

The application process is the same for both Shadowing and Staff Exchange except that Staff Exchange requires two applications to be made (one for each potential Visitor). 

We envisage that support for individuals (Visitors) will be for visits that are 2 – 5 working days and that funding to cover all permitted expenses incurred will typically be up to 1,000 EUR. It is also possible for visits to be co-funded if there are other sources of funding.

Further information

Please contact Ian Brewis (CTLS Training Working Group Lead for the Shadowing and Staff Exchange Focus Group) at shadowing@ctls-org.eu if you have any questions or wish to discuss your plans.

The Application process 

There is a two-step application process for a CTLS Award. 

Step 1: Expression of Interest by a potential Visitor for a CTLS Award

Please complete the Google Form. Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time with a response within 2 weeks of submission. 

Feedback on every Expression of Interest will be given by the Focus Group Chair (Ian Brewis) or another Focus Group Member via email and online meetings. Feedback will particularly involve identifying/finalising hosts, refining plans for the Applicant’s personal development and ensuring wider knowledge exchange. 

Step 2: Application by a potential Visitor for a CTLS Award 

Following the Expression of Interest step a potential Visitor may be invited to complete a full application. The Applicant should provide a CV, a motivational statement (highlighting the benefits of the proposed visit) and a detailed work plan (we will provide you with a template). Letters of support are required from the Applicant’s Line Manager and the potential Host. PDF copies of these should be submitted with the application. Full applications should be submitted to shadowing@ctls-org.eu

Full applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Incomplete applications will not be assessed and will be returned to the Applicant for amendment and resubmission. Assessment of the full application will be by a Panel that comprises two members of the Shadowing and Staff Exchange Focus Group. This will be gender balanced and any conflicts of interest (such as personally knowing an Applicant) will be recorded. There will be feedback given to unsuccessful Applicants and scope for resubmission of a modified application if the Panel decides that this is appropriate. The outcome of all applications will be ratified by the CTLS Training Working Group Chair, CTLS President and CTLS Treasurer. 

Expression of Interest Form for potential Hosts 

An Expression of Interest Form for potential Hosts is also available when they have not been approached by a potential Visitor. Please complete the Google Form

There is no need for the potential Host to complete an Expression of Interest Form when they have already been approached by a potential Visitor. No financial support will be directly offered to Hosts and Hosts do not need to be CTLS Members. 

Funding and duration 

This Programme is open for Expressions of Interest until 31st July 2023 and for full applications until 30th Sept 2023. Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time with a response within 2 weeks of submission. Full applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis following submission.

The financial support on offer is a contribution to the overall expenses incurred during the mobility grant and may not necessarily cover all of the associated costs. Financial support is limited to cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses and is paid in the form of a Grant. The cost of research materials or equipment fees is not eligible for consideration as part of the proposal. The grant duration is for a maximum of one week (5 working days). 

Visits should be completed by 1st December 2023. In general, grants will represent an average contribution of about 1,000 EUR from CTLS to the Applicant (CTLS Member); a maximum award can be up to 2,000 EUR if this is fully justified and the funding is available. The grant will be paid to the successful Applicant on completion of the stay and after evaluation of the Award Final Report. 

Successful applications 

Individuals in receipt of a CTLS Award will be advised of the requirements for spending the money and evidencing this. The Award is a maximum and not a target spend, economy travel is required, hotels should be 3 stars or less and daily food expenses are permitted within the overall Award allocation. 

CTLS Awardees will need to write an Award Final Report to summarise the benefits of the visit undertaken. Hosts will also be asked to provide feedback. There will also be a requirement for Visitors to write a short piece for the CTLS newsletter and website.

This information is also available as a PDF document. Please click here to download.