Our Members

Our Members

Our membership is open to anyone working in or in close association with a Life Science facility, technology platform or infrastructure, whether it is in an academic or industrial context. Our members are students, technicians, research scientists, lab managers and administrative staff. All fields of life sciences and biomedicine are welcomed, from “omics” to clinical research, through imaging, structural biology, biological or chemical resource banking and screening, and bioinformatical data analysis and management.

Animal and vegetal experimentation

Biological and chemical resources

Bioinformatics and data resources

Biomolecule production (proteins, antibodies, DNA, chemistry, …)

Biophysics and structural biology

Core facility management


Genetic engineering

Genomics and transcriptomics

High-throughput screening/high-content analysis

Image analysis

Microscopy and imaging

Molecular Biology

Proteomics and metabolomics

Research administration

Translational and medical research


Contact e-mail: contact@ctls-org.eu

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