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Dec 4: CTLS has participated in EOSC symposium

Supporting the EU policy of Open Science, EOSC aims to give the EU a global lead in research data management and ensure that European scientists reap the full benefits of data-driven science. EOSC is part of the European Commission Communication European Cloud Initiative-Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe , launched in 2016 to provide European science, industry and public authorities with:

  • world-class data infrastructure to store and manage data
  • high-speed connectivity to transport data
  • powerful high performance computers to process data.

The EOSC portal, launched in November 2018, is the universal access channel to EOSC services and resources. Through the portal, researchers and professionals can access open and seamless services, data and other resources from a wide range of national, regional and institutional public research infrastructures across Europe. The portal facilitates interoperability of datasets and tools from different providers, and enables researchers to perform their work more quickly and disseminate their research results more widely.  It already covers a wide range of disciplines (e.g. medical and health, natural sciences, physics, earth sciences, arts, humanities, agriculture, and engineering).

The portal is the result of the progressive integration and consolidation of e-infrastructure projects, with the help of Horizon 2020 funding. It is a collective effort by the OpenAIREEOSC-hubeInfraCentral and EOSCpilot projects that builds on the experience and technology of major pan-European e-infrastructures, universities and research infrastructures.

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