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Join the ABRF meetings TODAY (6pm UK time) and on 19th November!

Register here for the ABRF Core Administration Town Halls. See below for details:   


Models for Internal and External Reviews: Thursday 15th October 2020 (6pm UK time)


In late September, some of us from ABRF attended a webinar hosted by our friends at CTLS, which focused on core facility benchmarking. It was an interesting conversation that highlighted the need for core evaluations, but also the challenges in developing universal metrics among different types of cores. At our next administration town hall, we look forward to continuing this conversation, specifically around models for internal and external reviews. While COVID has changed our ability to get together in person, the normalization of virtual work may provide opportunities for new core review models, especially external reviews. We encourage everyone to bring ideas and examples of how their groups and institutions are addressing this topic.

Speakers:  Andy Chitty (Director, University Shared Resources, Oregon Health and Science University) and Andrew Vinard (Director, Core Facilities, University of Massachusetts Amherst)


Leadership in Times of Crisis: Thursday 19th November 2020


On November 19, Katy FonnerSenior Organizational Development Consultant at Oregon Health and Science University, will present on the topic of leadership in times of crisis. We will follow that up with discussions on core and administration leadership, as well as wellness and mental health challenges we all face in the time of COVID and other compounding crises.

Stay tuned for more details about this and following sessions.

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