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Register now for ICRI 2022!

Register here for free online participation at ICRI 2022!

ICRI (International Conference for Research Infrastructures) is holding this hybrid event from 19th to 21st October 2022 to provide an opportunity for strategic discussions about international cooperation in research infrastructure. A variety of experts and stakeholders will discuss challenges and emerging trends, highlighting the essential role of research infrastructures.

Many CTLS members are presenting and attending, including the CTLS President, Julia Fernandez Rodriguez, who is speaking on behalf of CTLS on ‘Multi-scale Ecosystem – Fostering Cooperation between Facilities at Different Scales’ within Parallel Themes Block 1. Further CTLS participation includes Josh Rappoport, CTLS Secretary, speaking at ‘Toolbox session – Examples of Good Practices for Research Infrastructures Ecosystem Focused on Smaller Scale Facilities’ in Parallel Themes Block 3, and Patrick England, past CTLS President, running a side event entitled ‘Long Term Sustainability of Small and Mid-scale distributed RI projects’.

‍Click here to see the full program and learn all about this exciting conference you can participate in for free!

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